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Seabees 55th Naval Construction Battalion Log WWII on CD RARE

Seabees 55th Naval Construction Battalion Log WWII on CD RARE

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Price: $51.95
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55th Seabees Battalion Naval Construction

World War II


Bring the Memory Book to Life with this Multimedia Presentation

This CD will Exceed your Expectations

You would be purchasing an exact copy of the Seabees 55th Album on CD during World War II. Each page has been placed on a CD for years of enjoyable computer viewing. It comes in a plastic protective sleeve with a customized label. Every page has been enhanced and is readable. Books like this sell for a hundred dollars or more when buying the actual hard copy. That is if you can find one for sale.

This would make a great gift for yourself or someone you know who may have served in this unit. You will not be disappointed.

Some of the items in this book are as follows:

  • Camp Australia
  • New Guinea bound
  • Humbolot Bay
  • Mios Woendi
  • Many seabee activity photos
  • Company individual photos plus group activity photos
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Directory of personnel (name rank and hometown address)

Over 465 Photos on Approximately 172 Pages.

Once you view this CD you will have a better idea of what life was like in this Seabee unit during World War II.

Additional Bonus:

  • 22 Minute Audio "American Radio Mobilizes the Homefront" WWII (National Archives)
  • 22 Minute Audio "Allied Turncoats Broadcast for the Axis Powers" WWII (National Archives)
  • Other Interesting Items Include:
    • The Oath of Enlistment
    • The Sailors Creed
    • Core Values of the United States Navy
    • Military Code of Conduct
    • Navy Terminology Origins (8 Pages)
    • Examples: Scuttlebutt, Chewing the Fat, Devil to Pay,
    • Hunky-Dory and many more.
  • 25 Hi Res Images of the "World War Two Memorial" in Washington DC

Why a CD instead of a hard copy book?

  • The pictures will not be degraded over time.
  • Self contained CD no software to load.
  • Thumbnails, table of contents and index for easy viewing reference.
  • View as a digital flip book or watch a slide show. (You set the timing options)
  • Back ground military music which can be turned on and off.
  • Viewing options are described in the help section.
  • Bookmark your favorite pages.
  • The quality on your screen may be better then a hard copy with the ability to magnify any page.
  • Full page viewing slide show that you control with arrow keys or mouse.
  • Designed to work on a Microsoft platform. (Not Apple or Mac) Will work with Windows 98 or above.

Personal comment from "navyboy63"

The cruise book CD's are a great inexpensive way of preserving historical family heritage for yourself, children or grand children especially if you or a loved one has served aboard the ship. It is a way to get connected with the past especially if you no longer have the human connection.

If your loved one is still with us, they might consider this to be a priceless gift. Statistics show that only 25-35% of personnel purchased their own book. Many probably wished they would have. Time and age have a lot to do with it. It's a nice way to show them that you care about their past and appreciate the sacrifice they and many others made for you and the FREEDOM of our country. Would also be great for school research projects or just self interest in World War II documentation.

I never knew what life was like for a sailor in World War II until I started taking an interest in these great books. I found pictures which we never knew existed of my Father-in-law who served on the USS Essex CV 9 during World War II. He passed away at a very young age and we never got a chance to hear many of his stories. Somehow by viewing his cruise book which we never saw until recently has reconnected the family with his legacy and Naval heritage. Even if we did not find the pictures in the cruise book it was a great way to see what life was like for him. We now consider these to be family treasures. His children, grand children and great grand children can always be connected to him in some small way which they can be proud of. This is what motivates and drives me to do the research and development of these great cruise books. I hope you can experience the same thing for your family. If you belong to a ships association this might be a nice thing to offer at the reunions.

If you have any questions send us an E-mail prior to purchasing.

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